About Us

THE MULTI-ETHNICITY OF THE COSMOPOLITAN CITY PAR EXCELLENCE MEETS THE STYLE AND THE ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP to give life to an explosion of luxurious eco-sustainable creations combined by a single common thread called AUTHENTICITY.

It is at the end of 2018, in a London that throughout its history has never feared to exhibit excesses and provocations, that the responsible luxury brand SHIFTING was born and developed. Today SHIFTING is an Italian Company in the Turin district.

SHIFTING was created to combine the ability to renew the English capital with Italian manufacturing creativity and craftsmanship in clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. After two and a half years dedicated to research and study of materials, the brand officially entered the international market with the launch of the first products.

SHIFTING is a guarantee that each component of each product and its production cycle are - and will always be - as zero impact as possible.

“In a world where the concept of fashion is radical and in continuous mutation, SHIFTING points out the contaminations with other arts, continuously develops the culture of curiosity, makes out of Sustainability, Recycling, Transparency and Solidarity not just fashionable words in the literal sense of, the term, but rather its own DNA capable of developing a fashion system not impacting the environment by offering its public the total transparency on every product of the brand."

Alessandro Valle