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The Mask

The Shifting eco-Friendly tote bag fully expresses the recognized value of made in Italy, €385,00 EUR

Eco-Friendly Collections



Eco-friendly and Animal friendly Collections All Handmade Made in Italy  


    SHIFTING underlines the contaminations with other arts, continuously develops the
    culture of curiosity, makes Sustainability, Recycling, Transparency and Solidarity not only words in fashion today, but rather its own DNA, capable of developing a luxury fashion system and exclusive with no impact on the environment.


    Fabrics and/or waste materials are transformed into fashion items, cool fashion capable of creating emotions and transmitting the ecological component to a simple follower, although being the soul.

    Ours is not a mass production but an Italian craft production ! If your size is not available, we can produce for you in a short time ! 


    SHIFTING involves and wraps everyone. #nocompromises : No exceptions!
    The SHIFTING person is a person who loves beauty and declines in all of its aspects without ever exceeding in excess and in tacky. An ageless person who cares about the environment and wants to improve it for future generations

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