Code of Ethics

The SHIFTING by CLOTO Concept is imbued with
The choice of ecological leathers or fabrics, as well as the search for non-toxic natural products for the skin, it is starting to be now a trend started because today consumers give a very strong value to eco-sustainability, asking for more transparency in the communication of the origin of the products thus as confirmed by the latest studies conducted by qualified end consumer behaviour experts.
Today more than ever we talk about sustainability, and not just in fashion. A trend that embraces many types of different products , from clothing to accessories, passing through cosmetics, up to interior design.
Reflections on the eco-friendly world affect the entire production chain: spinners, weavers, dyers, but also breeders,farmers and the chemical industry, all elements of a global machine that has an impact both on the life of individual communities and on the entire planet as an ecosystem.
Eco-sustainability is at the center of the SHIFTING world, not one sales strategy, but its IDENTITY: SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS IN HARMONY WITH NATURE.